• ADVANCED SEWING TECH TO AVOID BEADS LEAKING – Using smaller, denser pockets enhances the surface area contact, with each compartment having a glass bead sewn into place to prevent movement and noise while you’re sleeping. Delicate stitching prevents glass beads leaking from the seam (Tip: Hand wash & hang dry. Since weighted blankets are too heavy for a washing machine, we recommend you wash them by hand. And the best way is to use a duvet cover of the same size).
    EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HEAVY BLANET – Advanced processes make the stitched squares smaller, which make for better and more even weight distribution inside the blanket, it prevents the glass beads from large movements and gently conforms to your body to encourage a deep, healthy sleep.
    ADULT WEIGHTED BLANKET WITH 7-LAYER DESIGN – The cotton outer layer is lined with non-glue polyester padding and two extra polyester layers that contain millions of premium micro glass beads. Our 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while you sleep. In addition, designed with more glass beads & less fiber, it offers better temperature control.
    30-DAY MONEY BACK GAURANTEE AND 3-YEAR WARRANTY – We love our customers and take pride in providing a pleasant shopping experience. Please keep in mind, it usually takes about one week to get used to using a weighted blanket. If you have any questions, please contact us. We offer 24/7 live chat support, 30-day money back promise and a 3-year warranty.