Essential Oils, Mooka Top 12 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Starter Kit for Diffusers (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint..) w/Free E-Book


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  • PREMIUM ESSENTIAL OILS FROM MOOKA – Contains 12 bottles (10ml/bottle) of the most popular essential oils on the planet, such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, provides multiple aromatherapy healing, cleansing, and fragrance benefits. Perfect for home Diffusers, Humidifiers use. Or use as Massage and Body Oils for Spa at etc.
  • SMELL OF NATURE – We are proud that our essential oils are 100% pure plants extract in-sourced all over the world and bottled in the USA without adding any synthetic fragrance chemicals. They are the scents of natural plants, unlike other brands’ essential oils smell terrible when just open the package.
  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS – Lavender helps with cognitive functions and alertness; Lemongrass yields calmness and clarity; tea tree promotes mental strength and calmness; Peppermint stimulates concentration and clear thinking; Orange promotes optimism and peace; Finally, Eucalyptus brings about optimism and concentration.
  • MAGICAL BLENDS EFFECTS – With Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and etc. You can choose to use these oils separately (external use only), or try to motivate your emotion to blend them together and make your own special aromatherapy oils, that would be incredible.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – All Essential oils from Mooka are bottled in FDA certified facilities in the US. Mooka Customer Service Promises 100% Money Back if you are unsatisfied with Mooka Essential Oils in any way. So just take it away with 100% pride and confidence!



Top 12 Essential Oil Set: Contains 12 bottles(10ml/bottle), Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, which are the most popular essential oils on the planet.
100% Pure & Natural: We are proud that all of our essential oils are derived from plants in-sourced all over the world and bottled in the USA without adding any synthetic fragrance chemicals. For example, Lavender essential oils sourced from South African; Peppermint essential oils sourced from Japanese; Tea Tree essential oils sourced from Australian…
Smell of Nature: You know that our essential oils are 100% pure without adding any synthetic fragrance chemicals. They are the scents of natural plants, unlike other brands’ essential oils smell terrible when just open the package.
Therapeutic Grade: Firstly, you must know that essential oils must be pure plant extracts to have a therapeutic effect. Adulterated oils or perfume oils won’t offer therapeutic effects and may cause allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities. Mooka Essential oils are 100% pure with multiple aromatherapy healing, cleansing, and fragrance benefits.
1. Lavender: Calmness and relaxation essence
2. Peppermint: Liven up the mind, body, and soul
3. Tea Tree: Invigorating and refreshing scent
4. Eucalyptus: Refresh scent for the sinus
5. Lemongrass: Relax and balance the mind
6. Orange: Promotes positive attitudes
7. Rosemary Oil: Renewing, energizing and settling
8. Frankincense Oil: Promote overall wellness.
9. Spearmint Oil: Encourage a sense of focus
10. Lemon Oil: Provide an uplifting environment
11. Cedarwood Oil: Promote emotional balance
12. Cinnamon Oil: Support healthy metabolic function
Mooka 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with our essential oil set in any way, just contact us for replacement or refund, we are always online.

58 reviews for Essential Oils, Mooka Top 12 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Starter Kit for Diffusers (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint..) w/Free E-Book

  1. John Latham

    Smells great
    A great value for a very good selection of Essential Oils.

  2. AmazonAddict

    Great Buy
    The smells of each oil is perfect. The info book with the blends and the info for your oils is a very nice touch

  3. Amazon Customer

    Excellent quality
    The Mooka essential oils are wonderful! I love the variety in the top twelve pack! They are all great and smell fabulous! The set also comes with a nice get started guide of other uses for the oils and a beautiful description of each oil! The best quality for the price!

  4. Terri

    Four Stars
    Great variety of oils at a decent price.

  5. Sam

    Essential oil
    Smell great awesome variety

  6. H. Kitchens

  7. Anna

    This is legit and it works!!
    You can use this for anything you need!!!

  8. Quinn Tahfi

    Overall very pleasent
    Came smelling like tea tree, but overall the box seemed fancy and nice, would recommend.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Awesome oils!
    Arrived on time – went straight into the diffuser. Great stuff!

  10. Amazon Customer

    A great set for the money
    This is a really nice set of all the most popular essential oils. I use them with a diffuser and it’s nice to be able to open the box and pick and choose according to the mood I’m in. It’s also fun to mix and match and just enjoy the different scents from different blends. Most importantly, it is a great value considering most oils cost almost as much as this entire set! It is especially helpful when I feel stressed or need a pick-me-up.

  11. teri Spivey

    Excellent product
    Great fragrance, nice packaging and an excellent value! Oils purchased for relaxation benefits. Love that the oils include an ebook. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes!

  12. Cynthia Merritt

    These oils work and smell wonderful.
    I was very interested in using essential oils for stress, lack of sleep and stress overeating. These oils smell wonderful. I’ve tried the lavender and eucalyptus for the first time and felt an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. I look forward to continue using these oils for better health and relaxation in every aspect of day to day living.

  13. yan

    Great starter kit of essential oils in your home.
    I love the smell and quality of the oils. They make my loundry and house smell great. I put a few drops in my bathtub for a relaxing spa.

  14. Sherry M

    Excellent product.
    The smells are amazing. Excellent quality product and packaging. I love the box its in.

  15. Fraser Dalgleish

    Good product
    Very good oils. Good quality.

  16. Christina S.

    Smells yummy
    I mostly use it for smell. It seems to take many drops to put off a strong enough smell but besides that I really like it. I usually diffuse orange and lavender to help sleep. Seems to work.

  17. Ginger

    I have used several times, for diffuser and also to mix different recipes . Thank you so much for the recipe book it has come in handy on getting the amount of drops correct. I’m sure I will be back in the near future to place another order. I have a skin condition and I can already see a difference in my skin since using your product.

  18. Don Rollins

    Use the free download recipe book
    I love that the product does what is intended

  19. Brittani Dixon

    Great job.
    I love the purity of the product, even though the bottles is small the price makes up for the size.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Thank you!
    I had some trouble with the order and got ahold of the company, they took care of it right away . I am so pleased with them and all of the oils that I got. I really liked the package.There was no leaks like most of the oils I receive and I really like the scents. Thank you for sending me such a great product! I recommend these to anyone.

  21. The Dancer

    100% Pure Therapeutic Grade that’s actually AFFORDABLE
    I am enjoying using my Mooka oils in a diffuser, as well as in tea. I’m glad they are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, so great for my body and my soul! Thank you so much for making an affordable product that I will continue to use and purchase. I enjoy having the “about” section on each bottle, and the handy pamphlet that suggests different ways of mixing the product. I do tend to put about three times as much as the suggestion, but I like it a little strong. 🙂

  22. Cynthia Lerfald

    Essential Oils
    I received a large box of 100 % essential oils. They were the best price, packed beautifully and very quick shipping. I was more than pleased.

  23. Vardha

    Very strong smell!!
    Good assortment of strong essential oils. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to buy good grade oils. I use it in my diffuser daily and absolutely love them

  24. Zelin

    Great customer service!!
    UPDATE: Customer service saw my review and fixed the issue! Much happier with my purchase. INITIAL: My set is missing 1 lavender and has 2 eucalyptuses instead. Already opened/used so not sure if this can be fixed.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I recommend this product
    I love the smell and how long it last! It has a calming effect and relaxes my body!!

  26. M. Kittle

    Nice set
    Lovely set. One star off for duplicate frankincense scent and left out cedar wood.

  27. yachico walker

    I highly recommend this product…
    I must say I didn’t know what to expect, because I use other essential before I vame across this brand shopping on Amazon. I’m glad I did purchased this brand. I am very please they are great, can’t wait to try more scents. Thanks

  28. Tracie

    Five Stars

  29. SOK

    Great variety of oils all in one set!
    Love this set! Not just the basics like so many other sets offer, but the extras like Rosemary, Frankincense, Cinammon, Spearamint and Cedarwood at the same or less than the basic sets I’ve previously purchased. The oils all have a nice strong scent to them upon opening the bottles. I look forward to using them in my diffuser. I like blending scents and these will give me so many options.

  30. Tammy Hunter

    They work!!!!
    I use this product everyday. From relieving stress to focus and concentration.

  31. Winnieboo3

    Great oils
    Very nice oils

  32. CG

    Great value
    Nice variety pack of oils for my diffuser. Great value. Love the ebook to help with recipes – so fun. I like the sampler approach because I found ones that I would have never purchased individually, but now some of my favorite. Will take me some time to get through all of them – good size product.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Great value!
    Good value for the set. Smells great!

  34. Lisa

    Great starter kit
    UPDATE: So, I’m new to essential oils and upon smelling then out of the bottle, I did not like the way most of them smelled, and assumed it was due to poor quality. I did a little research online and, among other things, found out not all oils will have a pleasant smell (specially when highly concentrated) but they are still valuable for their therapeutic properties. And, once mixed or diffused, the scent usually becomes more pleasant. I also came across the “paper test”, which consists on pouring a drop of the oil on a sheet of paper, and if after a while the oily stain disappears completely, it means the oil is pure and not mixed with fillers or carriers. I don’t really know how reliable this test is, all I can say is that I did it and I am pretty impressed with the results. The first picture was right after pouring the oils, some of the bottles poured several drops. The second picture was next day. I am glad I decided to give this kit a second chance. I still don’t like some of the scents, like Rosemary. But I mix it with peppermint and problem solved! Original review: I so wanted to like this set, the price point and the assortment of oils really made me believe it was worth a try. I figured I would probably not like all of the oils, but even if I liked 4 or 5 out of the 12, it would still be worth it. I smelled all of the oils, and most of them smelled really bad. I tried the lavender on the diffuser, but it did not yield much scent. Returning…

  35. Amazon Customer

    Great product
    Great smell. Great variety. They smell better in diffuser so don’t judge it based on the smell in the bottle

  36. Sylvia Woods

    It works!
    The best therapeutic oil I’ve bought so far. I have Locs and I’m they sometimes dry my scalp. These oils are the truth!

  37. Danielle

    Love the smells!
    Really happy with this set of oils! Has every scent you could possibly looking for! I use them with an oil diffuser and they do a great job, just a few drops and you’re good to go! They seem to be the classic essential oil size and when only using a drop or two you’ll have more than enough for quite some time!

  38. Amazon Customer

    Pay extra attention when opening!
    I’m only giving this set 4 stars because I could smell them before even opening the package, which means that one leaked. Sure enough, opened the box to see the frankensense leaked in transit. Which I’m Uber sad about. :( Other than that, from what I can tell so far, they’re great quality and such a variety of oils!!

  39. Christian Pizani

    Perfect Starter Kit!
    This product is perfect for a beginner. It comes with the top 12 essential oils that you need with bonus recipes!! The scents are very strong and are of therapeutic grade. When I put them in my essential oil burner they last for a long time and are very fragrant. I also use them with my lava beaded bracelets for aromatherapy. It works extremely well with the bracelets, as well. I am thoroughly enjoying this product and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing.

  40. Cameron Charles

    Good stuff
    Good quality diverse scents and cheap

  41. Amazon Customer

    The best oil I’ve bought so far.
    Great smell, best price, leaves the bedroom smelling amazing!!! Husband loves it too.

  42. Sabrina G

    Nice set
    Some of them are great but some just don’t smell right at all, to me. The Lemongrass leaked some. The seller is awesome.

  43. Rosalia Haggood

    Great variety
    I love the essential oil great variety. Beautiful Packaging got here on time would recommend.

  44. Taylor M Franklin

    Perfect for a essential oil starter !
    I am new to essential oils so to me this was the best starter pack. It comes with 12 absolutely great scents. They all smell amazing. It was nice to have such a wide variety so I could narrow down what exactly I loved. It comes in a nice compact box so I can easily keep everything together.

  45. Amber Stubbs

    Great value and high quality oils.

  46. Charles

    Great buy
    All of them smell great!

  47. gatakitty

    my only disappointment is that it’s hard to control how many drops …
    It works perfectly with our diffusers; my only disappointment is that it’s hard to control how many drops come out of the bottle at a time. Maybe it’s something I’ll pick up as I continue to use these bottles.

  48. Roddiegirl

    Great value!!
    I like the price you are getting a good selection of freagence some are not what I like but over all its ok

  49. Harish Agarwal

    Good quality!
    Very potent! Even the closet I store these bottles in smells great!

  50. Mary Lohry

    I am new to essential oils it is a good selection of oils
    I am new to essential oils it is a good selection of oils. When I received them they were in good package. The disappointment was that I couldn’t download the e-book.

  51. Momto2

    Check your bottles! **UPDATE**
    Received these oils and was disappointed. The lemon oil bottle was completely empty & still factory sealed! The outer package was completely dry and still shrink wrapped. So this was a factory problem. **UPDATE** The company sent me an apology email and a new set of oils which were all perfect. :)

  52. shamar88

    Five Stars
    I love the starter recipes for different ailments. It helps to know what oil helps with what ailment.

  53. Mike

    Fantastic oils but packaging defect.
    Overall love the oils, they’re great. However I’m giving 4 stars because one of them came without the dropper lid part (yeah idk what it’s called but it’s so just a drop can come out at a time) so every time we use it we have to pour it and it goes everywhere.

  54. RJ

    Great set
    This is a nice set. I only use oils in a diffuser or for a roll on so I only use a few drops at a time. I usually only buy 1 dram bottles because of this but these looked appealing for size and especially price. It would be nice if they had a couple more sets with different oils in them.

  55. Sponkey Monkey

    Nice beginner kit
    I’m new to essential oils so really do not know how pure or impure these oils are; what I do know is that all smell very nice, however, I do have to add an awful lot of drops in order to last 3 hours in my diffuser.

  56. weezer

    Very Soothing!
    I purchased these for my aroma oil diffuser and they’re perfect. The different scents all provide me with positive energy that I can just sit back and relax with, without needing anything else-such as the TV.

  57. jd

    Good Selection
    I purchased these oils for use in a a diffuser. This is a great set to find your favorite scents. They come in a nice box and and the bottles are a good size for a sampler set. Some of the oils didn’t smell great straight from the bottle but smell amazing when you put a few drops in a diffuser. Also try blending different oils for even more variety.

  58. TVGuy2

    I love the oils for headaches and allergies

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