We all try to cultivate a home environment that promotes health, happiness, and tranquility. A home is a collection of things, our memories and possessions all gathered together within four walls. How we organize it and move through it is a basic part of our life, so you’d think it would be of the highest priority to make everything as planned and beneficial to our well-being as possible. However, as anyone who isn’t some kind of domestic superhero will admit, it’s easy to find your home falls a little short of being a place of peace and elegance.


A lot of this has to do with the things we populate our homes with. Every once in a while there’s an occasion, whether spring cleaning or moving day, when you look around and wonder just where all this stuff came from. Most people reading this are familiar with accumulating too many belongings. We should be grateful to live lives of such relative bounty that we can have such problems.


Reflecting on this gratefulness can help us to develop a new idea about what it means to own and buy things responsibly, with purpose.


Something that benefits your everyday life in numerous ways or helps you better abide by an important principle is never wasted. The more you can simplify your life by thinking about your belongings in this way the better you feel. How can the things you buy help you cut down on waste, be healthier, and focus on the things that matter?


Here’s a few things that we think about when designing our products at Mooka:


#1 Think long-term costs


How can an initial investment in a device save you money down the line? For instance, in the U.S. up to 50% of food goes to waste. Changing the way you prepare and store food can help you cut down on your own food waste, doing good for both the environment and wallet. Between a vacuum sealer and meal planning, you can cut your food waste down to nearly nothing and eat better while doing it, with a neatly organized refrigerator to boot.


#2 Think about reclaiming your time


The appeal of convenience is fundamentally about freeing ourselves up for better things. Things like robot vacuum cleaners specifically target a tedious time-sink, vacuuming and sweeping, and automate it in your home so you can turn your attention elsewhere. Time is valuable, and whether it’s for work, or passions, or loved ones. Basically, anything is time better spent than vacuuming.


#3 Think holistically about your body  


Your health is largely a reflection of your environment and habits, but that doesn’t just mean your food and exercise routine. For example, singers and performers are all very familiar with the benefits of home humidifiers for maintaining vocal health, but their benefits are less appreciated by the general public. Especially if you live in a dry climate or have preexisting respiratory conditions, a humidifier can help alleviate discomfort and prevent future problems.



These three principle guide our design decisions, because we believe they are also great for guiding our lives. If you have any questions about what we can do to make your life simpler and better, feel free to talk to us in our live chat or contact us via any other method from our contact page.